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Welcome to Triad Seminars

 We offer 2 different 12-hour seminars: 

Seminar #1 and Seminar #2.

 Both seminars are offered

LIVE (In-Person)
ONLINE (Distance Learning).

* LIVE seminars are offered on Thursdays.



Dr. Mark Cymerint, D.C.

With over 27 years of experience as a Board Certified Chiropractor / Continuing Education Provider, it is his passion for teaching and evidence-based curriculum that make Dr. Cymerint a fearless advocate for the practice of Chiropractic. It’s no wonder why D.C.’s nationwide continue to return for his entertaining lectures year after year.

Early Bird pricing available to registrants 14 days prior to Live Seminars only.

Besides California, we are also approved in Arizona (Live Only), Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, as well as many other states!

Seminar # 1 – All in One Day

Live (In-Person) Seminar:

Clinical Evidence Based Practice of Chiropractic

  • (CA-A-23-05-04059) Rehabilitation
  • (CA-A-23-05-04061) Ethics & Law Current Laws
  • (CA-A-23-05-05060) Adjustive Technique

Online Distance Learning Seminar:

  • (CA-A-23-06-04016) Rehabilitation
  • (CA-A-23-06-04007) Ethics & Law Current Laws
  • (CA-A-23-06-04006) Adjustive Technique


Topics Covered:

Ethics & Law- Current Laws
(2 hours Category A): 

  • Scope of Practice- Current Laws:  Review of current state laws, rules and regulations, Common Board Violations, and a review of new laws that affects the chiropractic profession.

(6 hours Category B)

  • Relating to Diseases using Functional Movement Techniques (Taping). Physiological effects of taping with supportive research and literature. Demonstration of functional movement taping. 
  • Related to pain management- instrumentation, therapeutic lasers, managing pain and inflammation. Inflammation and its relationship to disease, and pain management protocols for the chiropractic treatment plan including nutritional options.
  • Related to muscle & tissue strengthening. Nutritional and exercise options to help strengthen muscles. 

Chiropractic Adjustive Technique
(4 hours Category A) :

  • Diversified posture evaluation and manual demonstration of postural patterns, pediatric evaluation and adjustive procedures, diversified myofacial release techniques, including piriformis syndrome and frozen shoulder syndrome. Posture and systemic health, a literature review of current 2018-2020 literature.

Seminar # 2 – All in One Day

Live (In-Person) Seminar:

Clinical Evidence Based Practice of Chiropractic

  • (CA-A-23-05-04063) Advanced Adjustive Technique
  • (CA-A-23-05-04062) Basic Science (Nutrition)
  • (CA-A-23-05-04064) Ethics & Law

Online Distance Learning Seminar:

  • (CA-A-23-06-04009) Advanced Adjustive Technique
  • (CA-A-23-06-04008) Basic Science (Nutrition)
  • (CA-A-23-06-04010) Ethics & Law


Topics Covered:

Ethics & Law
(2 hours Category A) :

  • Boundaries Issues Ethics & Law: Professional boundaries, mandatory reporting requirements, informed consent, & common violations of the SBCE. Pandemic protocols for Healthcare providers using CDC, state, and federal guidelines.

Basic Science – Nutrition
(6 hours Category B):

  • Inflammation- natural inflammation reduction treatment options, & anti-inflammatory protocol.
  • Digestion: Green alkaline foods for fiber and digestion, minerals, collagen protein, and colon health.
  • Water: lab testing of bottled water, pH, ionization, molecular size, filtration, and nutritional benefits.
  • Amino Acids: Definitions, for cardiovascular health, and nitric oxide production.
  • Immune System Research: Recent studies from the NIH/PubMed.
  • Evidence Based Diet Related research: Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diet, and Plant Based Nutrition. 

Advanced Chiropractic Adjustive Technique
(4 hours Category A):

  • Overview of posture neurology, posture evaluation of A to P lateral postures, functional movement techniques using kinesiology tape for posture correction. Posture and Systemic Health, forward head posture research, and a current review of neurology literature. 
  • Introduction to diversified myofacial release and procedures.