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Triad Seminars offers live seminars on Thursdays.

We have two different 12 hour seminars (#1 & #2).

PRICES AS LOW AS $9.92 per CREDIT HOURS! With 2 seminar special of $238 for 24 hrs.*This price reflects CA seminars only. All other state have special pricing, call 949-707-5785 for other state seminars (WA & HI).

We offer 2 different seminars, both seminars are offered LIVE & ONLINE:

Seminar # 1 – All in One Day

Live Seminar:

  • Clinical Evidence Based Practice of Chiropractic
  • CA-A-18-07-15392) Principles of Practice
  • (CA-A-18-07-15380) Ethics & Law Current Laws
  • (CA-A-18-07-15383) Adjustive Technique

Online Seminar:

  • (CA-A-17-09-14149) Principles of Practice
  • (CA-A-17-09-14146) Ethics & Law Current Laws
  • (CA-A-17-09-14148) Adjustive Technique

Topics Covered:

  • Ethics & Law: Review of current state laws, rules and regulations, Common Board Violations, and a review of new laws that affects the chiropractic profession. (2 Hours)
  • Principles of Practice: Relating to Diseases using Functional Movement Techniques (Taping). Related to pain management- instrumentation, therapeutic lasers, managing pain and inflammation. Related to mild traumatic brain injuries including concussion and post concussion syndrome. (6 Hours)
  • Chiropractic Adjustive Technique: Diversified posture evaluation and manual demonstration of postural patterns, pediatric evaluation and adjustive procedures, diversified myofacial release techniques, including piriformis syndrome and frozen shoulder syndrome. Posture and systemic health, a literature review of current 2016-2017 literature. (4 Hours)

Seminar # 2 – All in One Day

Live Seminar:

  • Clinical Evidence Based Practice of Chiropractic
  • (CA-A-18-07-15382) Advanced Adjustive Technique
  • (CA-A-18-07-15391) Nutrition
  • (CA-A-18-07-15381) Ethics & Law

Online Seminar:

  • (CA-A-17-09-14147) Advanced Adjustive Technique
  • (CA-A-17-09-14150) Nutrition
  • (CA-A-17-09-14145) Ethics & Law

Topics Covered:

  • Ethics & Law: Professional boundaries, mandatory reporting requirements, informed consent, & common violations of the SBCE.(2 Hours)
  • Nutrition: Inflammation- natural inflammation reduction treatment options, & inflammatory protocol. Digestion: Probiotics, minerals collagen protein. Water: whole house filtration systems, lab testing of bottled water, pH, ionization, molecular size. Environmental Toxins: definitions, systemic affects on chiropractic patient, treatment & dietary recommendations.(6 Hours)
  • Advanced Chiropractic Adjustive Technique: Overview of posture neurology, posture evaluation of A to P lateral postures, functional movement techniques using kinesiotaping for posture correction. Introduction to diversified myofacial release and procedures.  (4 Hours)

  • 24 hours of CE Credit
  • A minimum of 12 Hours MUST BE LIVE or ALL 24 can be live
  • Option: You can take up to 12 hours online/DVD

We offer all of your CE needs. Discounts are offered if you purchase all 24!
California Chiropractor of the Year 2000 • Never have cancelled a Seminar in 18 years • Lunch and notes included